30 Days of Indie Travel- Day 2…EMBRACING CHANGE

BootsnAll wants to know how travel has changed us and if it was welcome change or if we had to be dragged through the transition kicking and screaming with our eyes clamped shut chanting “This is not happening. This is not happening. Protect the status quo!”.

The main change I have noticed when travelling is that I become a lot more sure of myself and, if I’m honest, a bit of a bad-ass. Transplanting yourself into completely foreign surroundings makes it necessary to step up and take control of things.

Things that seem like a crazy idea when you’re at home suddenly become perfectly reasonable. How else can you explain my willingness to get on this tiny plane and then jump out of it strapped to a stange man?

At home, while I liked the idea of skydiving, it had never actually occurred to me to do it. Something about travelling makes you want to make the most out of every day and finally take that leap (in my case, literally) to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

This has definitely been a welcome change. Sometimes you hear that people don’t “change” while travelling, that it’s just the real them coming out. Greater freedom, a lack of family and friends around to judge/dissuade you and this “seize the day” mentality we get while travelling all come together to force your true self out of its hiding place, whether you like it or not.

I say, embrace change!

(Unless your true self is a serial killer. Don’t embrace that…)


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  1. Well now I’m hooked! Always wanted to skydive, but feet are still on the ground. And no I’m not a serial killer so good there…
    ciao lisa

  2. wannabeballerina

    Ciao, Lisa!
    The only thing that will make you do it is for you to wake up one day and say “I’m doing it today. No backing out.”.
    Was just reading about you on your blog and you have such an amazing story! Skydiving should be a piece of cake for you!
    Thanks for the lovely comments.

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