30 Days of Indie Travel-Day 4…MISTAKES

I’ve been extremely lucky while travelling in that I’ve never had anything go horribly wrong. Sure, I’ve missed trains and gotten lost the odd occasion but I’ve never gotten sick, missed a flight or been homeless for a night.

Not properly reading the flyer outside a club we were going to in San Diego one night, well that was a mistake. Here’s the flyer:

For one night only, this normal club in San Diego’s Gaslamp district was playing host to the titans of the sex industry and was a chance for everyone to meet their favourite pornstars.

Of course, being my usual unobservant self, I did not realise this and went to the club expecting a normal night out.

That is how I found myself, painfully sober, watching a girl clamber up onto one of the bars, strip naked and start doing things you don’t normally do on bars. When a cameraman appeared (complete with boom), the cogs in my brain slowly started moving to make me think something was afoot. When the first girl was joined by several more, my suspicions were confirmed. In what sounded like a terrible excuse a cheating husband would give, I had “accidentally” gone to a live porn taping.

Definitely one of the more memorable travel experiences I had, all because of a mistake.

(This is a BootsnAll 30-day challenge).


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  1. What a mistake to make!! Very funny, if you’re going to make a mistake you may as well go all out! ciao lisa

  2. Hahaha! Whoops! Well at least it made a good story. 🙂

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