30 Days of Indie Travel- Day 20…DRINK (Blackout in a can)

BootsnAll says: Just as the cuisine of a place reveals clues about its culture and history, so does its signature local drink. What’s the best drink you had on the road, and did the drink have any connection to the place where you drank it or the people you drank with?

Warning: This post may contain sarcasm.

4 Loko is something special. Marketed originally as an “alcoholic energy drink”, it soon became clear that this was a whole new animal. Combining guarana, caffeine, taurine and alcohol, it does its utmost to kill you. Lulling you into a false sense of security with its whimsically-designed cans, it waits until about three-thirds through the first can to launch its stealthy attack.

Like a ninja mugger in a dark alley, you don’t see it coming. There are no warning signs. One minute you are happily gamely trying to enjoy the taste of the oddly-flavoured rocket fuel, the next you wake up on the floor in another state. After a single can.

This is a drink that sees no gender, race or age. Beefy rugby players are taken down by this demon like paper bags crumpling in the rain.

The United States have gone some way in banning 4 Loko and/or forcing a change in its composition, claiming that it’s too dangerous to sell to the general public, particularly to the college students it’s marketed towards.

I say, there’s no need for an outright ban. Let’s use it as general anaesthetic instead. In a way, the two are very similar. It very suddenly makes you lose consciousness and you wake up with no recollection of what happened or how you ended up half-in, half-out of your bed.

4 Loko, you will always remind me of my time in San Diego, where I first met you after some locals pointed you out. I wondered if your name was a clumsy attempt to appeal to the large Mexican population there. I guess first hearing about you from a girl on the Greyhound who had (literally) just gotten out of prison was not the most positive sign.

You may have won this round…but I will take you down.


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