30 Days of Indie Travel-Day 24…GIVING THANKS

BootsnAll says: Seeing what others have – and don’t have – around the world often helps us appreciate our own good fortune. What are you thankful for this year ?

I’m thankful for things I usually take for granted. That I have a (passably) healthy set of family and friends, some of whom are the strongest and best people I know. That I live in a country where clean water and personal safety is seen as a given.

Working with a Mexican woman in San Diego brought this home to me. She lived in Tijuana and made the border commute every day to work. She didn’t really mind, she liked the job and felt lucky that she had it.

Never one to raise a fuss, she casually told me once about the time she had been out shopping with her kids in Tijuana and a man walked up to the guy in front of her and shot him in the head. He died immediately.

She has been working for her employer for almost 20 years and was considered more family than employee. She was in the process of trying to move to the States to get her kids to a safer area, her employer being happy to sponsor anything required.

I’ve never even seen a real gun. No-one has a gun in Ireland, except the occasional farmer and the obvious criminal element. Getting shot or witnessing a shooting is one of the last things I would be likely to worry about. It just doesn’t happen unless you’re a drug dealer. I’m thankful I do not live in a country where people get shot for speaking their minds.

I’m thankful that I have the right to vote, that (in general) I amn’t discriminated against for being a woman or a young person and that I have a job that sustains me and allows me to take the occasional trip, allowing me to find beauty in the most unlikely of places. Like the mural below, in a part of San Francisco widely considered to a no-go area, somewhere tourists shouldn’t be. Even somewhere that many have given up on, there is hope and joy and celebration and positivity. I am grateful I get to see places like that.

I could definitely be doing a lot worse.


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  1. Hello Sarah. Stumbling upon blogs like yours that are thoughtful, well written and insightful is another thing that I’m grateful for.

    Thank you for visiting my site as well.

  2. wannabeballerina

    That’s so flattering, thank you.

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