30 Days of Indie Travel- Day 25…FAMILY

BootsnAll says: Family shapes who we are, but sometimes the family we create plays a bigger role in our lives than the one we were born into.

I’ve already shared a story about how my family has affected my travels in this post. What’s great about family is that, even if you don’t get to pick yours, you tend to love them.

Friends are another story. You’ve chosen to be with them, through better or worse. There’s no blood tying you there, no familial obligation. Which makes loyalty to them pretty special. I’ve been lucky enough to share many great (and many terrible) experiences with my friends and we’re all the stronger for it. Here are some pictures from trips that were made all the better for having friends around.

San Francisco


Los Angeles


Here’s to many more.


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  1. looks like you’re in good company!! I made it though three months in a campervan with my in laws and two children….that was fun!!
    ciao lisa

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