30 Days of Indie Travel- Day 28…GEAR

BootsnAll says: The right gear can make or break your trip. What is your favorite/must-have gear item? 

Honestly, I’m not really a “gear” person. I tend to travel pretty lightly (as mentioned in my ode to baggage) and simply and just take the absolute basics. A good pair of walking shoes are essential but need not be hideously complicated or expensive.

A scarf can come in really handy if you’re travelling in hot countries. Used as a shade from the sun for your head, a headscarf where modesty dictates it, a makeshift tourniquet, a shawl for touring churches and mosques, a sarong for the beach. In one case, I used a scarf to transport an injured bird to safety. (Hey, you never know when nature calls you to become the Florence Nightingale of the animal world.)

The most important piece of kit you can bring on your travels is a sense of humour. Stuff is going to go wrong, things might take longer than expected. You may end up in completely bizarre situations. The thing is, you might as well laugh about it than let it completely ruin your day.

On my recent trip to Jordan, I went on an organised tour taking in Madaba, the Dead Sea and Wadi Mujib Nature Reserve. I knew next to nothing about Wadi Mujib (it had been added on last minute) and assumed we would be doing some hiking in the canyon. We were actually gorge-walking, which involves some swimming. I had to trek up a lake and swim in long sweatpants, which as you can imagine is not ideal. They were constantly falling down with the weight of the water dragging them but rather than grumpily giving up, I enjoyed the looks of intense confusion from the Jordanians who watched me attempt to climb a waterfall dressed like I was about to narrate a play.

Don’t worry about what’s in your bag, look around and take it in.

Wadi Mujib, Jordan...for the love of God, bring shorts.


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