Nerd purchase of the week


In a bid to keep up my French ability, I decided to buy some books en francais this week. None excited me as much as this one: “Star Wars- Le Menace Fantome.

The only hitch in the plan is that my learning will be interrupted every now and again with bouts of laughter. I didn’t even make it to the first chapter before cracking up.

“Il y a un bien longtemps dans une galaxie lointaine, trés lointaine…”

(It just strikes me as funnier in French for some reason).

What are some little things you do to stay practised in languages that you speak? Do you wish you could get back the standard you used to have? Well, it doesn’t have to be boring. Do something you’re interested in while practising a language and you will be more likely to keep it up.

Bonne Chance!


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  1. Listening to music definitely helps when you’re learning or maintaining a foreign language, like Russian or French. Watching movies also helps. Just make sure they’re pronouncing their words right and they’re not talking too fast.

  2. Great ideas, I must get back into watching French films. I’m nowhere near the standard to do that with Russian though. Some day!

  3. Well, if you want to combine the two languages in one movie, “Le concert” directed by Radu Mihaileanu is quite good. It features a former incarnation of the Bolshoi Orchestra trying to take the place of the real orchestra for a performance in France. There’s native Russian, Russians speaking horrible French and French speaking French. Don’t know whether they have English subtitles though.

    If you need help with either language, I speak both. Grammatically speaking, I’m more up to date with Russian though.

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