Smittens and Jesus toast

Sometimes the internet really comes through and shows you something life-changing. Smittens is/are such a thing. No longer do you and your significant other have to put up with separation anxiety while out for romantic walks, that barrier presented by your woolly gloves is no more. One relationship, one glove.

People be crazy

These are truly hilarious but I can see some people being seriously interested in buying them. I like to occupy my time imagining various scenarios where being attached to another person is not ideal and so far have come up with: runaway dog on a leash who will take both of you with him, unexpected pole, inhibited frolicking and zombie attack. Also, where will it end? What if you have a few kids you want to daisy-chain on to the love-train?

This next one is a potential money-earner. How many times have people been on the news or sold their stories after finding an image of jesus in a tree bark, soup or their cobwebs? What if you could guarantee a good Jesus image whenever you wanted? Well, you can thank me because I am presenting you with…Jesus toast.

You are welcome. If Jesus isn’t your schtick, they also have hash leaves, dog paws and Chaka Khan. (One of these may be a lie).

Go forth and buy!


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