Entertaining signs from my Travels

Seaworld San Diego really is a magical place...

New York, New York

Another gem from San Diego: "Caution...Bees in Area"

Be careful of those Break Dancers

"Flesh", the missing hairless cat who looks "like Yoda"

Damn it!

It's kind of a barometer of how safe an area is when the only graffiti around is by someone claiming to be "fresh like new socks"

This is a derogatory term in Ireland so it was pretty funny to see it on a food label

Yes, I'm a child. A child. It's pronounced "Cobain", if you're interested.

Geography fail

I knew they'd get me eventually

This was entertaining to show to people. They meant the structure was slightly unstable,rather than the whole area being a hotbed of danger

Look out...CAMEL!

Aaah! Do something!

The seagulls have anger managment issues

Vegas says it better than I ever could

Again, I'm a child.

Why must Americans abbreviate everything?

I nearly took them up on this...


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