The Grand Scheme of Things

There’s another trip in the works. Early this March, I’ll be taking a week-long jaunt to Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn. I’ve been avoiding Scandinavia, thinking it was too expensive. Indeed, Stockholm in particular has a reputation as being one of the most expensive cities you can visit. I was never sure how this could be, as it’s possible to work a budget pretty much anywhere. Turns out accommodation is the killer.

The situation was pretty bleak. So, for the first time I turned to for help and got a pretty great deal on some 3-star hotels in Stockholm and Helsinki. (Comfortable hostels are far more commonplace in Tallinn). All in all, I managed to get 6 nights accommodation (3 in Stockholm, 1 in Helsinki and 2 in Tallinn) and 3 flights (dublin-stockholm, stockholm-helsinki and tallin-dublin) for under 250euro. Now that the booking and numbers are out of the way, the excitement can begin. Fights can be had about the itinerary. Bags can be looked at in despair while baggage limits are read out. This is where the fun starts.


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  1. You are welcome, of course, but what a pity that You don visit in Kemi, where is

    World’s biggest Snow Castle.

    Everyone who comes to Finland during winter Should go there!

    Helsinki is not all Finland. It is only a scratch!

    If You want to see how the life is

    Beyond the Arctic Circle,

    then follow our car holiday there. Now there are three posts and every Friday one brand new post.

    Happy travel!

    • Thanks for your comment. I understand completely. I hate just visiting capital cities when I visit a new country but I don’t have much time for this trip so will have to content myself with a brief Helsinki visit. Perhaps I will return to see more once I’ve gotten a taste of Finland!

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